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Potter’s Village in October 2017 requested for support in securing iron rods, cost of labour and bending wires to help in its building project. HuCASDEVI team led by Mr. Kwadwo Konadu donated 500 pieces out of the 700 requested iron rods and bending wires. In addition HuCASDEVI gave Ghs1000 ($221) to reduce Gh3000 ($664) labour cost.

During the Christmas party and donation at the Potter’s Village on Tuesday, December 26, 2017 by HuCASDEVI, Mr Kwadwo Konadu promised that the organisation will help in securing additional iron rods to the help the building project so that the children at the orphanage will move into the new building.
In fulfilment of the promised made on the boxing day last year, HuCASDEVI represented by Ezekiel Doku and Mr. Kwadwo Konadu presented iron rods worth Ghs1700 ($377) to Potter’s Village in Dodowa. The iron rods were purchased with support from Vanessa Lewis and her team in the USA The iron rods were received by Sophia the Administrator for the orphanage. She thanked the organisation saying they thought the promise during the Christmas party was going to take long to be fulfilled. God bless every single hand that has supported HuCASDEVI in one way or the other in achieving this heights.