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Visitation of Trainees

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My birthday did not prevent me from fulfilling my call of being there for the needy. Yesterday was one month that the trainees from Ayenya No:1 started their pottery/ceramic training. Hucasdevi Ghana together with Leoron Professional Development Institute in Dubai have adopted Ayenya No:1 to develop it into a tourist attraction centre and also to empower the youth to take up the development of the community upon their shoulders. The first batch of five (5) trainees started their training one month ago with the remaining two starting on Easter Monday.

These five trainees will learn the art and science of pottery and graduate after a year. They will then return to Ayenya to man the ceramic/pottery factory that will built there. They will train five youth each to the expected level and start commercial production. After a month of training the first batch are doing fantastic work and are learning quick. The trainer, Mr Stephen Bonni was very impressed with the rate of learning and their attitude to work and believes that in less than no time they will be up for greater works.

Mr. Ezekiel Doku interacted with the three finding out their experience so far. Jerry, one of the trainees said he hopes to use six months instead of the 12 months to learn everything and he showed us some works he has personally done. “Though we are away from our homeland but it is for a purpose and we are determined to learn everything we need to learn to gain the requisite skills to lead the development agenda of Ayenya No:1” Jerry Mensah. Follow the unfolding story as to how a foreign SME partners a local NGO to change the lives of deprived people in a deprived community.
A birthday well spent.