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A journey of a thousand miles definitely starts with a step. We may not be able to do everything about everything wrong to get it changed but we can do something about a situation only if we want to bring a change. Discovering the kind of water that the people of Ayenya No:1 relied on for everything reduced me to tears and was worried about the health implication. Myself and the whole team at Hucasdevi Ghana decided to get this rectified. School children walked 50 minutes from the community to the water source and 50 minutes back, making a total walking journey of 1 hour 40 minutes. This affected their education since they become exhausted after this long walk. One can imagine the health implications.

Thanks be to God, Hucasdevi Ghana on Saturday, November 12, 2016 commissioned a mechanised borehole for the people of Ayenya. The borehole is within the community and is a walking distance from their homes. This means that students who are as little as 6 and 9 will not have to wake up early in the morning to make the 1 hour 40 minutes journey to fetch unsafe, unhygienic and unclean water that makes them tired and unable to go to school. The mechanised borehole means quality water at the doorsteps of the community, giving them quality life. The children couldn’t hide their happiness at the small handing over ceremony to hand over the water to the community.

Hucasdevi Ghana couldn’t have achieved this milestone alone without the support organisations that have the development of the deprived at heart.
We want to express our sincere gratitude to Leoron Professional Development Institute, most especially Hamed Mahmoud Behairy who championed the support. We also want to thank Zoe Christian Fellowship as well for their support and all individuals who greatly supported this good cause.
Hucasdevi Ghana is very grateful to its amazing project officers who have dedicated their time and everything to realise this dream. Thank you Ezekiel DokuEvelyn Fia-kwofie, Ebenezer Nii Adjetey Sowah, Nii Addo and not forgetting Prince Asamoah

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